Additional Benefits

All members are entitled to the emergency medical evacuation by Med Rescue International Botswana (MRI) and funeral benefits for the principal members and their dependants. In addition, members have access to discounts from merchants participating in the Value Add Partner Programme (VAPP).

Emergency Medical Evacuation

As an additional benefit, all Scheme beneficiaries are eligible for professional emergency medical evacuation offered by Med Rescue International Botswana Limited (MRIB) for all members.

This is a countrywide 24hr Medical Emergency Service and the service extends to South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. The service includes; Emergency Medical evacuation, Inter-hospital Transfer, Repatriation of mortal remains, and Emergency Medical Assistance & Support Call Centre.
The emergency centre can be contacted at 922 or 390 1601.

Funeral Benefits

Members and their dependants are entitled to the Scheme's  funeral benefits which are payable to a member, a surviving spouse or some other nominees as certified by Tribal Authority, District Commissioner or a similar authority. Members may access this benefit anytime after the occurence of a death provided that this is done within six (6) months after the occurrence of the member's or dependant's death.

Any of the following documents is required to facilitate processing of the claim

  • Death certificate
  • Death notification from a registered medical practitioner or any such authorised person
  • Letter from Tribal Authority or District Commissioner or a certified copy thereof.

Value Add Partnership Programme (VAPP)

As a means to keep our customers happy, BPOMAS offers you a great deal of savings through our carefully selected merchant partner program VAPP CLUB. Members and their dependants are entitled to discounts when shopping at these select stores and hotels. You can relax at the Cresta Hotels or take your family on holiday with Seabelo Travel & Tours…the list is endless. We continuously forge these strategic partnerships to reward our loyal customers.