How to Join?

In order to be a member you must complete the prescribed Application Form. This form must be counter-signed by your department / ministry before submission to the Scheme for processing. The turnaround time for applications is 14 days after receipt by the administrators (HRMB).

Who is Eligible?

  • Membership is available to ALL Botswana Government employees (Junior and Senior Staff).
  • Dependants of members employed by Botswana Government (wife/Husband and children below the age of 21 years and or a member’s child above 21 years with mental or physical disability or still at school).
  • Pensioners: members who previously have been employed by the Botswana Government are eligible to continue with their membership.
  • Pensioners are required to notify the scheme about their intention to retire and continue with membership upon retirement.
  • Provide changes in details e.g address, banking details.

Membership Card

Members will be issued a card within 14 working days of receipt of a fully completed membership application form. The card will state the effective date. In instances where a member has a medical emergency and they haven’t received their card due to the membership card being delayed or lost in the post, the BPOMAS Client Services office can issue a letter of confirmation of membership and this can be used in place of the card, until a membership card is received.

  • Card is issued to principal member; if member is married two cards will be issued.
  • Additional cards for dependants not living with member are available on written request.
  • Membership cards may only be used by member and their registered dependants.
  • Always present your card to healthcare service providers at all times. Failure to do so may result in 100% payment by you.

Don’t do’s

  • Lend card to relatives and friends
  • Use card to treat extend family members and unregistered dependants. If a member is found to have illegally used card, the scheme will require reimbursement of all funds used in treatment, terminate your membership and take legal action against you.
  • If you cancel your membership you and your dependants should not use the card. Claims submitted after you have cancelled your membership will not be paid by BPOMAS.
  • If your dependant resigns from the Scheme they may not use the card after the resignation date.
  • Certificates of membership are available once a member terminates membership from BPOMAS.

Waiting periods

There are ONLY Four (4) applicable waiting periods for new members:

  • Maternity - 9 months
  • Specialised/Limited dentistry - 12 months
  • Pre-existing conditions - 24 months.
  • Infants not registered within 30 days of birth - 3 months

However the waiting periods do not apply to anyone who has been a registered member or dependant of a recognised medical aid Scheme for a continuous period of at least one (1) year and the application to join BPOMAS is made within three (3) months of termination with previous medical aid provider.

Click here to download Application Form.


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