BPOMAS is administered by Health Risk Management Botswana (HRMB). The Administrators, appointed by the Management Committee in terms of the Scheme Rules, are responsible for the proper execution of the operational business of the Scheme under the direction of the Management Committee.  Overall governance of the Scheme is vested with the Management Committee which ensures that the Scheme is administered in accordance with the Rules of the Scheme and legislation, where applicable.

General Membership

As at May 2023 BPOMAS membership stood at 85,961 principal members. An Annual General Meeting is held not later than 31 July of each year for members to, amongst others, receive and adopt the Audited Annual Financial Statements and Management Report on the performance of the Scheme.

Management Committee

The affairs of the Scheme are managed under the direction and supervision of 11 member Management Committee, which convenes in accordance with the Rules of the Scheme. Members of the Management Committee are appointed by the relevant appointing authorities as prescribed in terms of the Rules. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health sits as the Chairman of the Management Committee.


The Management Committee is empowered to delegate any of its powers to a Sub-Committee(s) consisting of such of its members and co-opted individuals with the requisite knowledge and experience required to advise the Committee. The Sub-Committees serve to enhance the functions of the Management Committee through specific recommendations on specialist areas of knowledge.


Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Scheme (BPOMAS) is administered by Health Risk Management Botswana (HRMB). The change of administration took effect as at As at July 1st 2023.
Health Risk Management Botswana (HRMB), is a majority citizen owned health Services Company, established in January 2013 and specializes in healthcare risk management and health scheme administration. Visit to find out more about our new administrator.


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