Members of the Scheme and their dependants are expected to register a Family Doctor who is a registered General Practitioner (GP), and always consult with GP for their medical needs. General Practioner (GP) should be the first to be consulted whilst specialists should only be consulted on referral by the GP. This system of referral ensures that the member’s health and medical aid benefits are managed better.

Benefits of Referrals from General Practitioner;

  • Increased quality of care
  • Reduced cost of care
  • Improved relationships ( Doctor- patient relationship)
  • Increased confidentiality

It is worth noting that, different family members can register with different family doctor’s in order to maintain confidentiality. The Scheme does not prevent a husband and wife having separate doctors.

Registration Forms:

  • Family/ Primary Care / Facility or Doctor

This form is only used once to register a member's GP.

  • Change of Family/ Primary Care / Facility or Doctor

This form is to be completed by members wishing to change their Family / Primary Care Doctors. Family / Primary Care Doctor may be changed for different reasons e.g. relocation, dissatisfaction with service etc.

  • Temporary Family/ Primary Care / Facility or Doctor

This form is completed by those members that are stationed at a location on a temporary basis e.g. during business trip, emergency etc.


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