BPOMAS members now have the option to secure a critical illness benefit from as little as P2.10 per month. This is a once off cash benefit that will be paid out to a member if they are diagnosed with a critical illness from the list provided on the table below .

This cash payout is done once per diagnosis. The critical illness benefit is currently limited to only principal members  and spouses and it’s not available to dependents. From the time of purchasing a critical illness benefit, there is a six months waiting period before a member can benefit.

The table below shows the list of critical illness that are covered;

The table below shows the conditions that will be covered under this benefit

Illnesses or medical conditions Other Terminal illnesses

Heart Attack
Kidney Failure
Major Organ Transplant
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Aortic surgery
Heart Valve Replacement

Potential diseases include:
Aplastic anaemia
Pulmonary hypertension
Fulminant viral hepatitis
Muscular dystrophy
Chronic lung disease
Chronic liver disease
Bacterial meningitis

Contributions: Below are the monthly contributions for critical illness benefit;


Monthly Contributions

Payout upon Diagnosis with a critical illness

Principal Member Only



Principal Member and Spouse




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