Being the first citizen owned private hospital in Botswana, Sidilega Private Hospital was launched on the 17th of October 2019. It is a cutting-edge facility located in Gaborone, in the Centre of Block Seven, Plot 59932, near the Western By-pass highway (1km), which is one of the main routes linking the entire city Centre and the suburbs of Gaborone.


AFA was established in 1990 as a fund administration company. The company offers medical aid administration and disease management and the latter is provided through the Managed Care Programme (MCP). The MCP is a service that is mainly utilised by the administered schemes; The Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Aid Scheme (BPOMAS) and Pula Aid Medical Fund (PULA).

Emergency Assist 991 formally known as Netcare 991 is a 100% citizen owned company that was officially launched in April 2003 as a result of a joint venture between an international company, namely Netcare 911 South Africa, and two citizen investors being Tumelo Pabalinga and Simon Modisaeman. After buying out the NetCare 911 South Africa shareholding in 2008, the company rebranded from NetCare 911 to Emergency Assist 991. The company then became a 100% fully citizen owned, with two local shareholders being equal partners in the business.

Bokamoso Private Hospital is the first private hospital in Botswana to attain the COHSASA accredition and is proud to serve the country of Botswana with a superior private healthcare offering.

Located in the bustling district of south-east Botswana, Life Gaborone Private Hospital supports the capital, Gaborone, and its surrounding areas. The 132-bed hospital delivers quality healthcare to local patients without their having to travel long distances, and the hospital leads their care with the understanding that they have a responsibility to meet the expectations of those entrusted to them as well as their loved ones.

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