Members of Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Aid Scheme (BPOMAS) and their dependants have continually experienced unparalleled medical aid coverage throughout the past 24 years and the Management Committee has and will endeavour to ensure sustainable, comprehensive and meaningful medical aid coverage for the BPOMAS beneficiaries into the future.
Members will be aware that effective 01 April 2013 BPOMAS increased member benefit limits by an average of 62% for both the Standard and High Benefit Options and introduced the Premium Benefit Option; in order to afford members more medical aid coverage. This was done without increasing member monthly contributions for the financial year 2013/14.
However, healthcare costs have continued to increase, relative to monthly contributions, during the current financial year (2013/14) as a result of health inflation and increased benefit utilisation by BPOMAS members and their dependants.
 In order to ensure that BPOMAS will continue to meet its financial and operational obligations, including assisting members and their dependants pay for private healthcare services, as well as grow reserves, the BPOMAS Management Committee resolved at its meeting of the 5th March 2013, to increase the monthly member subscriptions of the Scheme by:
  • STANDARD BENEFIT OPTION: 8% or an average of P10.00 on the member’s portion.
  • HIGH BENEFIT OPTION: 10% or an average of P31.00 on the member’s portion
  • PREMIUM BENEFIT OPTION: 15% or an average of P74.00 on the members portion
 These increases will take effect on 1st April 2014.
The Management Committee appreciates that BPOMAS members are and have been affected by the current difficult economic environment but decided to increase contributions to ensure the Scheme’s sustainability and its continued ability to assist members pay for private healthcare services.
Members are requested to note that the Management Committee will continue to identify and implement cost containment initiatives that will assist your Scheme to manage the ever-increasing costs and ensure your continued and sustainable access to private healthcare services.


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