AFA Botswana provides administration services for Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Aid Fund (BPOMAS). Over the past 7 days we have been experiencing technical issues relating to the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system which facilitates Real-time submission and processing of claims. The system was introduced to improve claims adjudication and payments turn-around-time.
Against the backdrop of the service interruption of EDI Claims Submissions, which has posed challenges with verification and submissions of real-time claims, as well as sending back of the required message to the Pharmacies, we would like to update that;

  • We have been working to urgently resolve the issue.
  •  As such, some of the service providers are now able to submit claims successfully and receive responses, while others are still experiencing the claim submission service interruption.
  • We are therefore in the process of sending out an urgent message to update members (7 April 2022) and service providers on the issue, since it has affected normal provision of serces by the service providers.
  • Further, we have escalated the issue and are hoping to have it resolved by the end of the weekend 10 April 2022.
  • We would therefore like to engage with the service providers to see how they may be able to assist members in the interim with the following measures;

Verification of transaction processing on the Portal

The claims submitted via EDI are available on the Schemes web-portals, although you would not have received the normal Real-Time response.
For BPOMAS members transactions visit

Alternatively, for BPOMAS, as it is the beginning of the benefit year for the Scheme, the claims could be processed offline for the next few days and submitted in a few days once the issue has been resolved.

For further information relating to this communication please contact the below
Name: Ms. Todzani Matutu / Mr. Scelo Hlope
Email: /
Call Centre: (+267) 3650 555

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