Thank you for choosing and trusting BPOMAS to take care of your healthcare needs. As a Scheme, we are passionate about finding new ways of delivering increased member value and access to quality healthcare services for you and your loved ones.


On behalf of Botswana Public Officers Medical Aid, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you, our prospective or active member for visiting the BPOMAS website,  and hope that you will be able to find all the information that you are looking for.

As a scheme, we endeavour to provide sustainable, comprehensive and meaningful medical aid coverage for you as a BPOMAS beneficiary, hence our commitment to continually improve the BPOMAS product. In April 2019, the scheme introduced the following benefits, which we hope will greatly improve the value that BPOMAS continues to strive to offer you and your dependents,

Absorption of VAT for Inpatient services
We are pleased to inform you that members will no longer be required to pay VAT for local hospitalisation (hospital admissions). The scheme will absorb 100% of the VAT cost charged by local hospitals , subject to the faculty complying with the scheme tariffs. However its worth noting that this exemption applies only to hospitalisationthat would have been pre- authorised and or case managed by the scheme.

Benefits Adjustment
A number of benefits that would have been historically exhausted, have received adjustment . This adjustment was based on the usage of such benefits.The following benefits have been adjusted: Maternity ( Both normal and C-section), Limited Dentistry, Optical benefit, HIV benefit, Chronic benefit and the Dread disease benefit.The new figures can be viewed on the full benefits limits attached under each benefit option and also available under downloads.

Introduction Of Individual Membership
I am pleased to inform you that the introduction of the individual “Dependent” membership approved at the AGM of 6th December 2018. The scheme membership had previously been limited to those that are employed by the Botswana government and qualifying parastatals , the new individual membership is anew dispensation that allows BPOMAS to start admitting to the scheme membership dependents of BPOMAS members as follows;

  • Cover for Adult Child Dependent ; a principal member’s child between the ages 21 and 35 years of age who is not in receipt of income more than the minimum wage paid by the government of Botswana
  • Cover for Parents and Parents in law; these are a principal member’s biological ( or adoptive ) mother and father  and a principal member’s Parents in law ( mother in law or father in law ) , who is not a pensioner as per the scheme rules and not more than 65 years old at the time of entry. 

We are cognisant of the ever-changing medical landscape, and endeavour to adjust accordingly as a scheme to maintain our position as an industry leader proving affordable healthcare.

Let me take this opportunity once again our valuable and prospective member for showing interest in understanding the BPOMAS product more, we hope to continue improving our service to you.


Thulaganyo Molebatsi
Principal Officer

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